I Have the Need…the Need to Read!

I have always loved to read. From the time I was a little girl, lost in Nancy Drew or Sweet Valley High or To Kill a Mockingbird (one of my all-time faves!). When I wasn’t outside, my parents could always find me with my nose buried in a book. To this day, I love to curl up with a good book and get completely enveloped in the story. The characters become real and the stories so palpable they can make me laugh out loud or bring me to tears.

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As I’ve gotten older, though, I find myself being drawn to autobiographies more and more. Fiction can be fun, but give me a book about an interesting life lived and I’m one happy nerd. To be clear, I will never lose my love for a book…something about the smell of a brand new book and physically turning a page makes me happy. But I digress.

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(Photo Credit: Jennifer Halen Photography)

Books like Play On: Then, Now and Fleetwood Mac quickly grabbed my attention since this is one of my favorite bands. I love hearing the behind-the-scenes tales about the ever-evolving band from the English drummer’s perspective. It not only covers their wildly successful albums Rumours and Tusk (hello classic rock!), it delves pretty deep into his personal life in love, magical music collaborations and inner-band turmoil. If you were ever a fan of Fleetwood Mac (I mean…if you weren’t, we should talk) you should definitely pick this one up!

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Another favorite of mine in the musical realm is Not Dead & Not for Sale: A Memoir by Scott Weiland, frontman for Stone Temple Pilots. This harrowing recount of his struggles with sex, drugs and rock and roll was, at times, hard to read, but even when I decided to re-read it I couldn’t put it down. I randomly picked this one up in the airport on my way to Philly a couple of years ago. Again, I’ve always been a fan of STP and have even seen them in concert, but it was so incredible to read about Scott Weiland’s personal journey as the face and voice of a band I’d only previously known (and respected) musically.

brain on fire

On occasion an unexpected find, like Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susanna Cahalan will be enough to keep me curled up on the sofa for an entire weekend (hey, it was stormy…at least I wasn’t wasting any of our beautiful Arizona sunshine!). This one is a book about a twenty-four-year-old woman who, after having been an investigative reporter for the New York Post for ten years, had a sudden mental breakdown with virtually no diagnosis. “…an unforgettable exploration of memory and identity…a profoundly compelling tale of survival and perseverance that is destined to become a classic.” I was more and more intrigued as the story continued, mostly because this was told by Susanna herself, though much of the information came in the form of doctors’ notes and video footage from the psych ward during her hospital. I would definitely recomment this book if you are into psychology and/or have a morbid curiosity for how the brain works.


As my nerdiness knows no end, I will continue to read on and share my recommendations on books in different genres and welcome yours as well!

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