Welp…Here Goes Nothing!

I’ve done it. I’ve finally started a blog I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Although I’m a bit behind, I’m still jumping on this bandwagon and I’m going to put myself and my life, however boring, out there for the world to see. I don’t yet know where this will go, but I am scared and nervous and excited all at once! I’m ready to let my nerd flag fly free!

HB Pier Jump 9.20.14

What can we expect from Water and Sunshine, you ask? A little bit of everything. I have rekindled my passion for writing, so why not let everyone share in my trial-and-error approach to life and blogging?! Be prepared for mischief among friends, fashion fiascos, dating (and diet) disasters and crafty kitchen experiments! I probably could have fit in ONE more alliteration back there, but I’d better quit while I’m ahead…or not too far behind. I’ll also throw in a few introspectives for the deep-thinkers, because like I said, I’m letting my nerd flag fly free. Introspectives? Is that a word? Whatever. It should be. I am charging full steam ahead, boundaries be damned! Ok…maybe a few boundaries, but no promises.

Essentially, I’m going to put you in my pocket and take you with me on all my adventures (and misadventures) as I navigate my way through the ups and downs of fitness, friendships, fashion, and the all-too-familiar jungle that is dating in your thirties (EEK!)…you might want to buckle up for that last one, it’s a jungle out there! In case you missed it, that was another alliteration. I’m not even sorry.

Jenna Marbles youre welcome

This blog is my newborn baby. I’m going to nurture it, water it, watch it grow and hope it doesn’t spit up on me. Stay tuned!

One comment

  1. Sam p · March 1, 2015

    looking forward to episode 2! ❤️


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